ALOV AD is an oil trading company that has long term contracts and established relationships with different oil companies around the Balkans. Our sourcing is based on import from neighboring countries, ports and various refiners. Our expertise and our flexible financial conditions allow us to provide a variety of transactional structures providing valuable solutions to our clients.

ALOV AD’s success as a trader of oil products is built upon a foundation of excellence. We combine our core of competencies in import, logistics and storage with the knowledge and insights gained from sustainable supplier and customer relationships.

In the oil trading process we provide creative solutions to overcome the pricing, logistical, and financial barriers that may stand in the way. Our dedication to provide solutions benefit all parties in the process, creating the long-lasting relationships and enabling to maximise opportunities.

We are doing our trading service efficiently and effectively. We operate in a fast-moving market, where the ability to react to the changes and stay ahead in the oil trading game is essential to providing a quality service for customers.


Our traders are experienced individuals with knowledge and apprehension of the oil trading industry.

In this constantly changing market, experience really counts, especially for getting the best deals for our customers.


We have invested time and energy in building close relationships with every part of the shipping supply chain.

Our relationships are based on trust, proven by delivering the promises that we make and the quality of the products and services we provide.


Every customer is different with unique needs and requirements.

Based on our market experience and strong financial liquidity, we provide flexible solutions to our customers that will help them to maximise their opportunities.

Our transport team operates seamlessly with our trading desks to manage freight exposures and to add safety and efficiency to our physical transactions. Delivering the products with great flexibility to their intended storage destinations.