We are specialized in in supplying premium quality oil products (diesel, heating oil, LPG, lead 95, bitumen, petcock) mainly in Europe.

Our supply is based on technical expertise, local knowledge and responsiveness.

Diesel 10 ppm

Offering Euro 5 - Diesel Fuel by the highest European Union standards - with a maximum content of 10 ppm.

Heating Oil

Low viscosity, liquid petroleum product delivered by our tank truck to residential, commercial and municipal buildings.


LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) predominantly propane and butanes, either segregated or in various ratios and mixtures of each product

Unleaded 95

With a minimum Research Octane Number of 95, specifically formulated for use in many high performance vehicles which are designed to run exclusively on premium fuels with a minimum octane rating of 95.


Semi-solid hydrocarbon product produced during the refining process. We are involved in bitumen as supplier, not as a manufacturer.


Petroleum coke (Petcoke) is a Carbonaceous solid residual By-Product of the Oil Refining Coking process allowing dispose of the residual oil and increase the yield of high value light products such as gasoline and jet fuel.