Nursan Trailer

Official dealer

ALOV AD is an official dealer of Nursan Trailer for Macedonia

Nursan Trailer is located in Konya Industrial Area, Turkey and started manufacturing in Zafer Industrial Estate for trailers and semi trailers since 1996.

Unlike any of its competitors in the industry innovation and R&D developments, the company has kept the work in the foreground. Important steps towards becoming a European brand, Nursan Trailer implemented quality ISO 9001 - 2008 and started to export. Thanks to the increase of production capacity and manufacturing automation systems to the trailers, the 2nd industrial area that covered 10.000 m2 and 25.000 m2 of open space, all kinds of trailers and semi trailers are being manufactured.

Company history

Started to manufacture tippers in 1996

- In 2004, cement bulker manufacturing
- In 2005, mixer manufacturing
- In 2012, Steel Adr tanker manufacturing
- In 2015, Aluminium tanker and dry bulker manufacturing with full automatic robot welding technology

Main Products

The main products they produce:

ADR Tanker, Dry Powder Silo , Tipper, Dry Goods Carrier, Container trailer Twin Chassis Group, and each kind of special-purpose container trailer, semi-trailer.

Manufacturing process

In the products they manufacture:

- 1st class workmanship
- 1st class materials
- 2 year manufacturing warranty
- Spare parts guarantee
- Active service
- Timely delivery


With accent on quality, customer satisfaction, after sales service, spare parts guarantee and flexible manufacturing capacity in Turkey, an important place in the market, Nursan Trailer exports to Iran, Venezuela, U.A.E, Sudan, Kenya, Russia, Ukraine, Kuwait, Qatar, Macedonia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Gabon, Trinidad&Tobago, Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, S.Arabia, Malta, Ivory Coast... totalling 32 different countries.