Nursan Trailer

Official dealer

ALOV AD is an official dealer of Nursan Trailer for Macedonia

Nursan Trailer is located in Konya Industrial Area, Turkey and started manufacturing in Zafer Industrial Estate for trailers and semi trailers since 1996.

About us:

ALOV AD is an oil trading company founded in Macedonia by a group of experienced professionals in the International Oil Trading Sector. Our oil trading company has grown continuously since initiation, becoming an established and highly respected in the Oil Trading Industry.

Our oil supply is committed to perform premium cost-efficient services, providing competitive advantage in most of the markets around Europe.

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Head Office Adress: Ul. Marsal Tito br.7/14 - GTC Gevgelija, Macedonia

Branch Office Adress: Ilinden, Ul.24 br.45 Ilinden - Skopje, Macedonia

Telephone: +389 2 2550 167
Fax: +389 2 2573 567
Cell: +389 71 241 424


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